Todd Nakamura

Todd Nakamura

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My family connection with Alberta began in 1889, when my grandfather, after being employed with the Canadian Pacific Railway, helped  open one of the first general stores in Canmore Alberta.

While I come from an Asian heritage, I was regaled with stories of colorful characters like Guy Weddick, Pat Burns and pioneers like “Western Slim” and John Ware, as I was growing up.

My earliest recollection as a small child was wearing a big white stetson, sitting in my baby buggy in downtown Calgary and watching the horses of the Stampede Parade.

Later in life, immersing myself in the western lifestyle, I rode bulls with the Foothills Cowboy Association up and down the Cowboy trail.

After deciding that, “I break and no longer bounce”, I turned my attention to horses.

I started writing poetry to entertain guests while working as a wrangler for Holiday on Horseback in Banff, and have continued during my tenure with Rafter 6 Ranch in Kananaskis country.

The stories of the poetry that I weave are a combination of Alberta history, humor and the odd tall tail.

In addition to writing I spend the off season tooling leather and building western style Vaquero saddles.