Robbie Robertson

Robbie Robertson – Cowboy Poet
The Mountie Cowboy Poet

Staff Sergeant WJ Robbie Robertson (Ret’d)

High River, Alberta
Phone: 403-652-5645 Fax 403-652-5680


Robbie Robertson has been associated with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for more than sixty years; an active member for twenty eight years. He writes and recites poetry about the early history of the Force and some of its heroes. He also writes and performs traditional Cowboy Poetry.

He was the first member of the force to be given permission to wear the uniform after retirement for other than “State or formal occasions”. He wears an 1895 N.W.M.P. period uniform or the current R.C.M.P. dress Red Serge while reciting his Mountie Poetry.

However, if it is Traditional Cowboy Poetry you want, he dresses to fit the part. While he is not a “Real Working Cowboy”, he has worked cattle in three provinces and two states. He is a member of The R.C.M.P. Veterans Association, an Honorary Member of The Former Texas Rangers Association, a life member and past president of The Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association.

He has performed in London England, Texas, Arizona, Montana and numerous Cowboy Poetry Gatherings in Western Canada. He has appeared on National Television and Radio. As a guest lecturer, he performs on Alaska Cruises with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. “The Mountie Cowboy Poet”, is available as an after dinner, convention and Regimental Dinner speaker and also joins Perry Jacobson and Bj Smith as one of “The Queen’s Cowboys”.

Video (VHS & DVD)
“Cowboy Poetry – Words to Live By”