Phyllis Rathwell

Phyllis Rathwell – Cowboy Poet

Phyllis Rathwell
Elkwater, Alberta
Phone: 403-893-3004

Hatched on a hot rock between the Cypress Hills and the Great Sand Hills of Southwestern Saskatchewan, Phyllis has worked around cattle and men all her life. Very recently retired from her school marm habit, she and her hubby, Larry Miller, make their home in the beautiful Cypress Hills at Elkwater, Alberta.

Refusing to give in to BSE, drought, grasshoppers, cranky bankers, or common sense, they love the ranching way of life. Her sense of humor and “been there, done that” experience with ranch life delights audiences. She claims to be equally (in)competent at workin’ cattle, checkin’ pens, fencin’, balin’, cussin’ gates an’ ridin’ the grub line.

Her poetry reflects the reality of living and working with critters, men and kids. Phyllis Rathwell has been a featured poet at many large gatherings on both sides of the ‘Medicine Line’ (Canada/US border), including Durango Colorado, Lewistown, Chinook and Virginia City in Montana, Pincher Creek, Banff and Stoney Plain in Alberta, as well as Maple Creek,the Moose Jaw Festival of the Word, and Agribition in Saskatchewan. As well, she and Larry have become popular after-dinner entertainment wherever rural folks need a few laughs!

Phyllis has been heard on CBC radio, and the syndicated radio program Spirit of the West. Her work has been included in several anthologies and newspapers, as well as Canadian Cowboy Country and Pure Country magazines. Her publications include two books, and a new CD (with husband, Larry Miller).

CD – Crossing The Medicine Line
Book – Friends and Neighbors, Tried and True
Book – Range, Riders and Rhymes