Miriam Dreher

Miriam Dreher – Singer / Yodeller

Miriam Dreher
Aidrie, Alberta
Phone: 403-948-1961
Email: yodelgirl@telus.net


Miriam brings together a very special kind of music, especially with her Swiss and western yodels. She has built a reputation over several years with her stunning yodelling, beautiful melodic voice and warm, heartfelt & intense performances. Her repertoire spans from old traditional country, bluegrass, gospel and more.

She has won 16 music awards in the past few years including a lifetime achievement award and has been the recipient of three international and four Canadian awards for yodeller. Miriam has achieved the success to a Platinum which is equivalent of a gold medal. The House of Commons in Ottawa has presented her with a beautiful prestigious award for her accomplishment in the music industry.

She has performances in various provinces across Canada and the US and did a special performance for Council General of Switzerland. She entertains at Cowboy Gatherings, rodeos women’s shows, churches, weddings, anniversaries and more.

Miriam has opened shows for professional artists like Gary Fjellgaard, George Hamilton IV, Baxter Black, Jack Jackson, and more.

She is the founder and producer of the annual Yodelfest concert in Airdrie Alberta with sell out crowds. On January 2013 Miriam was presented by the Governor General of Alberta, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal.

She is the Executive Producer of the annual Yodelfest in Airdrie, Alberta, with every year a sell out crowd.

CD – Yodels of the Prairie
CD – Yodels of Sunshine
CD – Yodels of Love
CD – Yodels of Blessings
CD – Yodels of Christmas
CD – Yodels of the Mountains (newest)