Jim Hamilton

Jim Hamilton, Rancher, Poet

Jim Hamilton
Decker, Montana
Emailto: LazyT3ranch@gmail.com

Lifetime rancher on the east slope of the Wolf Mountains in southeast Montana. Married to Marge for a long time. Three grown children, a son, Mike, with us on the ranch, and two daughters, successful in their own endeavors, but take an interest in the ranch and come and help when possible.

We do our work horse back and try to preserve the old cowboy ways. My poetry is about what I know, ranching and the cowboy way of life. I strive for authenticity and am highly flattered if a real cowboy or rancher tells me, “I could sure see that happening when you told about it.” Most of my poetry is humorous, but I have several serious ones that I like to do in the right setting.

I have written and recited poetry for thirty years or more. Performed in many venues throughout Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and for the last ten or so years, at several gatherings in Alberta and Saskatchewan. In April, 2016, I won first place in the poetry division in the Cowboy Idol competition at the Columbia River Cowboy Gathering in Kennewick, WA.

I have recorded three CD’s and am currently starting to work on another.