Harold Webber

Harold Webber – Cowboy Poet / Singer

Harold Webber
Sundre, Alberta
Phone: 403-638-5125
Email: hywebber@telus.net


Harold was born at home, on the farm, near Stony Plain, Alberta. He remembers sitting under a cow, milking, and as the milk splashed into the bucket, he would make up a poem or song.

As a teen, he worked the Stony Plain stampede chutes and got in trouble with the rodeo clown in the arena. Harold worked heavy equipment, building roads all across Alberta, drove cattle liner, and maintained roads. In 1975 he realized the dream of ranching, moving to Drayton Valley, Alberta, where he bought and ran a ranch there for twenty six years, with his family. Harold also spent a few years as a brand inspector in the Drayton Valley area at that time.

In 2000, they sold off most of the ranch and moved to Sundre, Alberta where they retired. It was then that Harold began writing poetry about their life on the ranch and riding in the mountains with friends. He feels blessed to be able to do what he loved to do and have the friends he had there, and new friends on the poetry trails with still more to meet.