Vivia Oliver

Photo by Evelyn Thompson

Vivia Oliver – Cowboy Poet

Vivia Oliver
Caroline, Alberta
Phone: 403-722-2488

Vivia is a retired farm woman, a great- grandmother, and has been widowed many years. She lives on a farm in west central Alberta and raises miniature horses for a hobby. Vivia has lived near here all her life and has done many different rural activities, such as worked in the lumber industry, milked cows, trained horses, drove tractors, and all forms of farm chores. She started writing about 20 years ago, but she has also been an artist, and loves to travel. She also plays dobro and sings on occasion. Vivia started writing poetry about 6 years ago and has written a few songs as well. She has performed in many areas of Alberta, Saskachewan, BC, and Montana. She also belongs to the Writers’ Guild of Alberta, and has self published a poetry book in 2008, titled “Verses by Vivia.”

Book – The Second Go ‘Round