Sue Harris

Sue Harris – Singer

Sue Harris
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

When Sue Harris first arrived in Alberta in 2006, to perform at the Stony Plain Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival, she truly felt like she had “come home”. Since then, she has come back to Alberta numerous times, and with each visit, the circle of friends and fellow musicians grows larger. Over the past few years, she has been honored to perform with a number of Canada’s finest musicians.

Raised in Arizona, she “has a masterful touch with ‘true western music’. She conveys the feeling of what this music is supposed to be about – wide open spaces, a type of life style and a particular type humor indigenous to the west”. (Mark Bridge, PhD, Lone Hand Western).

When not in Canada, Sue tours the western United States, performing at festivals, concerts and schools; and has been honored as a nominee for the Arizona Culturekeepers Award.

She has released two CD’s, both of which have enjoyed international airplay. Her recording of Dean Cook’s song “Where Do You Go When There’s No Place to Go” was selected for inclusion on the Smithsonian Folkways label compilation CD “Songs and Stories from Grand Canyon”, released in May 2005.

Most of all, Sue enjoys the heck out of entertaining audiences who love melodies, stories, and laughing.

CD – Tall Tails and Treasures