Ron Gale

Ron Gale – Cowboy Poet

Ron Gale

Rancher, cowboy poet, horse trainer, dog trainer and a sorry excuse for an artist.

Ron was born close to Airdrie Alberta and spent his early years on a farm north of Cremona. His family moved to Calgary in the mid forties and after one season in grade seven, he got bucked off a horse dislocating his hip and never went back to formal school.

He then worked for a logging camp and then ranches throughout Alberta. He joined the army in 1950, went to Korea, did some rodeoing on time off and took his discharge in 1956. He bought a ranch at Minburn, moved to Sundance in ’63 and from there to Midnapore where he and his brother had the Double R Ranch. From there he moved to Evansburg, then back to Airdrie where he ran Vic Watson’s purebred Charolais outfit. Then he went back to Evansburg/Wildwood area before returning to seriously training horses, but this time in indoor arenas at East Coulee and finally to Alta Bar Ranch at Sundre.

At this time him and his wife Olwyn bought a quarter section in the Bergen area where they settled raising cattle, sheep and North American Curly horses. Since the BSE busted them they now have just the horses. They also, have done and still do, raise Border Collie stock dogs. Ron is the author of  twelve books on Amazon.