Ol’ Ugly aka John Glawson

Ol’ Ugly / John Glawson – Comedic Storyteller

From the first day he saw Red Skelton on TV Ol’ Ugly has embraced him as a hero. Other heroes such as Jerry Clowers, Charlie Douglass and Wendy Bagwell have helped Ol’ Ugly to shape his act into the barnyard clean and hilarious act it is today.

“Those comedic storytellers knew how to respect an audience,” Ol’ Ugly says. “That’s the kind of entertainer I want to emulate. They knew how to make people laugh without resorting to swearing. They were truly funny because they were self-deprecating funny. They didn’t use their audiences to get a laugh; they used themselves. That made their audiences feel comfortable and to enjoy their time with the comedian. That is my goal.”

His clean, hilarious stories about his older brother, Blue, his eighty-six year old, Aunt Tilley, and her boyfriend, Creaky Olson has earned Ol’ Ugly the reputation, throughout Western Canada and the Northern USA, as ‘One of Canada’s Funniest Storytellers.’

How to contact:

Larger functions such as Grand Openings, Conferences, Conventions and Corporation functions should contact Ol’ Ugly through Giggles Comedy Agency at toll free 1-888-818-3900 (Calgary 1-587-316-0545).
Seniors functions, House concerts, Cowboy Gatherings and smaller venues can still reach Ol’ Ugly at bizwiz1@telus.net

What a wonderful way to end an AGM, conference or banquet. The meetings and lectures are over and the meal is finishing up with coffee and Ol’ Ugly spinning his hilarious, barnyard clean tales on stage.

Here are a few comments from previous clients:

Dave Scheidman, Executive Director:

     ” On behalf of the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd. Board of Directors, members and staff . . . thank you for the great job you did entertaining our delegates and guests at our annual convention banquet . . . After the act, we received many excellent comments from the delegates and guests on the entertainment you provided . . .”

Dave Young, Manager of the Prince Albert, SK Exhibition said after the Volunteer’s Supper:

     “I couldn’t believe the magic between you and the crowd. Probably one of the most enjoyable evenings I have had in the five years I have been in the chair. “

 Hugh McLennan, host of radio’s ‘Spirit of the West,’ said of Ol’ Ugly at the Kamloops Cowboy Festival:

     “I have no idea where Ol’ Ugly fits in, but he leaves his audiences rolling in the aisles.”

 Kyle Meunier, Agricultural Fieldman, County of Barrhead #11:

       “I just wanted to let you know that Ol’ Ugly was fantastic at our event last night. He was definitely the right choice for our crowd, and I received nothing but great comments about him from those who attended. Thanks again.”

 A sample of his comedy can be found under Ol’ Ugly on Youtube

To Book Ol’ Ugly contact Giggles Comedy Agency 1-888-818-3900