Mike Dygert

Mike Dygert
Cold Lake, Alberta

Cell: 790-573-9561
Home: 780-639-2110

URL: www.gordiewestband.com
Email: mdygert@telus.net


If there a need for a Bass player, Mike will step forward to play.

Mike Dygert is a bass player, guitar player, and sound guy. He has a dry wit that will leave you wondering “where’d he come from” and “how’d he get there”?

He is retired, lives in Cold Lake Alberta where he is active as a regular performer at the senior’s homes in Cold Lake and the surrounding area, and plays with the house band for the music jamborees in and around Cold Lake. He is a member of The Gordie West Band and a member of Hugh McLennan’s Western Spirit Band. At cowboy gatherings, Mike plays bass for anyone and everyone who asks!