Jim Beaudoin


Jim Beaudoin – Singer

Spruce Grove, Alberta
Phone: 780-962-5811
Email: jimbeaudoinhp@gmail.com

My Dad was not only my biggest fan, but was also my musical influence and idol. Anywhere you could find him: the house, barn, truck or tractor, he would be singing a song. At a young age my parents bought me my first guitar at a filling station in our home town of Maymont.

Both my Dad and I liked singers like Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, Hank Snow, and Elvis, as well as the lively Southern Gospel. I got married and moved to Spruce Grove, Alberta with my wife Pat and three daughters. I continued to sing to myself and around family campfires, but as a shy guy I was not too much into singing in front of people. Matter of fact when I am working as a welder, and I am off by myself, you may have heard a tune or two.

Then several years ago Pat pushed me on the stage at Garden Valley Jamboree. My wife knows what is best, because since then, we have traveled all around to Jamborees, having the time of our life. So I thank her for the push. She is my biggest promoter and supporter. I hope you all enjoy our music as much as we enjoy singing it.

I’m now retired from welding and enjoy to  volunteer at senior centers,around Spruce Grove and Stony Plain, performing cowboy music !