Alison Demeter

Alison Demeter – Singer / Songwriter

Alison Demeter
Calgary, Alberta
Phone: 403-640-2854

Calgary based singer/songwriter Alison Demeter has an honest, genuine presence on stage. While performing she is passionate about offering her gifts of a strong, clear voice and her song writing as a vehicle to tell stories that celebrate the lives of ordinary people. With the addition of traditional/western songs, Alison provides audiences with an engaging, interactive experience.

At a very young age Alison was introduced to the music of Wilf Carter, Hank Williams, Gene Autry and Johnny Cash but it was in her teens, listening to her father rehearse with his old-time country and western band (Park Rayfuse and the Happylanders) that she began pursuing music.

In early 2007, thirty-some years later, Alison discovered Cowboy Poetry. She was looking for festivals to perform at and came across “The Gathering” in Pincher Creek. She thought it looked interesting so she called up the number on the screen and asked if she could perform. At one point in the conversation the woman she was talking to said, “You don’t know what cowboy poetry is do you?” She replied, “Not a clue.”

Well, Alison did perform in 2007 and again in 2008. As a result she has been invited to perform in Montana, Indus, Glenwood, Pincher Creek and Stavely. And what she has found is that audiences are as thrilled to join with her in singing the traditional and original songs she performs as she is to perform them! For her, it is like coming home.