For good clean Western / Cowboy Entertainment for a private function, gathering or festival or any kind of event, select from the following list of Performing ACPA Members.

P = Cowboy Poet          V = Vocalist          M = Musician / Instrumentalist
H = Humorist                   S = Storyteller     O = Other

Jim Beaudoin V
Ed Brown V M P
Noel Burles VMP
Bryce Burnett P
Jesse Colt P
Doris Daley P
Divine Bovines
Alison Demeter V
Lloyd Dolen V
Doll Sisters V
Miriam Dreher V
John Drivdahl P
Mike Dygert V M
Bud Edgar O P
Charlie Ewing V M
Darrel “Doc” Florence P
Gary Fjellgaard V M
Terry and Judy Fosbery VM
Buddy Gale P
Ron Gale P
John Glawson, aka, Ol’ Ugly  S
Frank Gleeson P
Shelley Goldbeck, P V
Mary Ellen Goslin MV
Jim Green P O
Jim Hamilton P
Carolyn Harley M
Sue Harris V
Dale “Doc” Hayes P
Tom Hogarth VM
Perry Jacobson V
“Diamond” Doug Keith P
Koehler Sisters M
Larry Krause V M
Leanne Lightfoot V M
Geoff MacKay (Poppa Mac) P S
Jackson Mackenzie VMP
Nora Maidman V
Dale Mailand P
Mag Mawhinney P
Hugh McLennan PVO
Rob McConnell M
Richard Mousseau PMVO
Linda Nadon PMV
Todd Nakamura P
Vivia Oliver P
Al Owchar VMPO
Joyce Pallister-Bronsch O
Lewis Martin Pederson PM
Rambin’ Rangers VM
Phyllis Rathwell P
Mary Resek P V M
Robbie Robertson P
Christine Schauer V M
Alice Sinclair V M
Bryan “BJ” Smith P
Vic Stuckey P
Brent Townsend P S
Wendy Vaughan P
The Wardens V M
Harold Webber P
Margaret Wilhelm P
David Woodruff
Abe Zacharias V M
Jen Zollner VM

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