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Stony Plain Cowboy Poetry Festival - August 9th & 10th, 2014
Review by Ed Brown

Over the last few years The Stony Plain Gathering had suffered the same problems of diminishing audiences felt by many of the other gatherings across the country and had more or less closed. This year, under new management an attempt was made to re-establish the gathering to its former status. They decided to start off modestly by having a one day show. Another change was to invite fewer performers and give each one more time. I think that they are going in the right direction. The size of the crowd was decent and one thing I noticed was that there were more than a few younger people than is the norm for cowboy gatherings. Another thing that surprized me was that even though I had the same product that I've had for the last several years my sales were good. This may have been an indication that many of the audience members were first time attendees. The performers were all first rate and no one in the audience left early.

The A.C.P.A. members present were: Jackson Mackenzie, Gary Fjellgaard, and myself (Ed Brown). Jackson is on the show committee and I believe has been responsible for much of the creative thinking that has resulted in many of the positive changes. The night show consisted of Gary Fjellgaard and me along with Allen Christie and his band so the A.C.P.A. was well represented.

On Sunday preacher Russ Graff rode herd on the rest of us in a unique cowboy church service. Just how he was able to talk the likes of Allen Christie into attending church remains a mystery but however he accomplished that it was well worth the trouble.

A big thanks to John and Carmen Lindsay for giving me the run of their house for the duration of the show.

All in all it was a great event and I hope it continues to grow.

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