Canadian Rockies Cowboy Festival (9th Annual) May 23rd to 25th, 2014
Review by: Bradley Bischoff of The Wardens

The 9th annual Canadian Rockies Cowboy Festival at the David Thompson Resort went off without a hitch (well to my eyes it did). I took my band The Wardens up to the resort to do 3 shows over May 23, 24 and 25 weekend. Ron and Wendy at the David Thompson Resort put on a great show and we all really enjoyed ourselves. Last year there was snow and muck, this year the weather co-operated and all the entertainers played outdoors except for the Saturday night dance. The Wardens for the second year in a row enthralled their audiences with tales and songs from the Canadian outback. The crowd were most generous with their applause and with their support. The Wardens were the top selling band for merchandise. We were really impressed with other entertainers, in particular Ed Peekeekoot and Allen Christie. Man those guys can play! Mary Kaye charmed us with that high lonesome sound. Her songs from the Utah ranch country are spellbinding.

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